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Hi. My name is Glenn Bolton.

Having owned businesses in the past I realized that extreme time, money and effort is required to achieve the level of financial gain that I desired. I had no time for myself at the end of the day before the endless cycle commenced again the next morning.

And my weekends were spent recovering from the previous week and preparing for the next.

So I went to work for someone else again... but that wasn't any better.

With increasing mortgage rates, rising petrol and toll prices, and all the other bills, I found there was just too much month left at the end of the money!

And what a waste of life! So I decided to make a change.

I went hunting on the internet for a way to get off the treadmill.

Now the internet is full of scams, deals and so-called opportunities but none of them met my "Seven Pillars of Business" - a set of mandatory rules that I developed in order to reveal a real opportunity.

But then I found Network Marketing (NWM)

NWM is a NEW way of making a living from HOME... without all the dramas, commuting and expenses.

I found there was only a few companies that were doing it right.

My favourite company saves people money on green electricity, gas and solar.

Who wouldn't want that?

Then I created the Global Success Team (GST)... a NEW way of making a living from HOME.

GST is a community and system that teaches you how to create a lifestyle and perpetual income without all the dramas, commuting and expenses.

So I quit my job and took back control of my life.

It was easy because the company's values and goals were the same as mine and many of my friends.

And now I earn a passive income from home (or wherever I choose to be in the world) using a system that is so simple that absolutely ANYONE can do it.

So here's the deal... I'll teach you my system... how to earn a passive income from home... using the system.

You can work anytime, anywhere. And it doesn't require much time or effort... that's if you work the system.

You can even choose the people to work with. There's no more having to work with people you don't like.

The investment to get started is minimal but the rewards can be extraordinary... for you, your family and your friends.

And it won't mess up your life while you do it.

So, if YOU are looking for a way to get out of the rat race... or you want to get your life back... then call me immediately... and I will dedicate myself to making it happen for you.

Best Regards, Glenn

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